The process of producing garments


1. Design

In general, large and medium-sized garment factories have their own designer to design clothing series style. Business clothing design roughly divided into two Lou; the first category is the clothing design, according to the majority of the number of models, to develop a set of regular size, large-scale production. Design, not only to choose fabrics, accessories, but also to understand the garment factory equipment and workers of the technology; the second Lou is fashion design, root Zelkowa acuminata market trends and fashion trends fashion design.

2. Pattern design

When the clothing design of the clothing for the customer to confirm, the next step is in accordance with the requirements of customers to draw different sizes of paper.

The standard pattern to enlarge or reduce the drawing, known as "pattern put code", also known as "push file". At present, large clothing companies use computers to complete the pattern of grading work. On the basis of different sizes of paper, but also to produce production patterns, and draw the discharge map.

3. Production preparation

Before the production of a lot of preparation, such as the production of fabric, accessories, sewing thread and other materials necessary for testing and testing; material pre-shrinking and finishing; like clothing sewing processing.

4. Cutting process

In general, the cutting is the first process of garment production, its content is the fabric, lining and other materials according to nesting, sampling requirements cut into pieces, but also including nesting, shop materials, Cut, cut sets, pieces, number, tied and so on.

5. Sewing process sewing is the garment processing process is technically strong, but also more important processing steps. According to different style requirements, through a reasonable suture, the combination of the clothes into a process of clothing processing. Therefore, how to properly organize the sewing process, select the stitches, sewing, tools and machinery and equipment are very important.

6. Ironing process

After the clothing is made, after ironing treatment, will achieve the desired appearance, making it beautiful. Ironing can be divided into the production of ironing (in hot) and ironing (hot) two Lou.

7. Garment quality control is a very necessary measure to ensure that the quality of the product is guaranteed throughout the processing. It is necessary to develop the necessary quality inspection standards according to the quality problems arising from the product during the processing.

8. Post-processing

Including packaging, storage and transportation and other content, is the entire production process of the last process. Operators according to the packaging process requirements of each piece of ironing good clothing finishing, folded, put in the plastic bag, and then the number of packing list on the distribution box. Sometimes clothing will be hoisted shipping, about clothing will be hoisted on the loan frame, sent to pay the loan location.

In order to make the factory on time to pay credit, to catch up with the sales season, in the analysis of the structure of clothing products, processing technology and other characteristics, the pattern design, finished product specifications, cutting technology, sewing processing, ironing, packaging and other production links to develop a standard technology Documents, in order to produce quality, security, low cost and meet the needs of consumers, customers clothing.

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