Weather Breaking the Previous Clothing Season Sales Rules



      Now Shenzhen’s weather is cooler, so that autumn ushered in the sales season, and also to relieve the clothing business a little bit. This year in Shenzhen, it often open random model, it is too self-willed, often breaking the previous season of clothing sales season: spring pre-listed summer models, to the summer but because of cool weather and neglect, thin Spring and Autumn models was getting popular, so all, so many Clothing business is difficult to ward off.

     Recently cold air visit Shenzhen, the dog days listed on the autumn have finally ushered in home. Reporter in the optical valley, street and other shopping district found that many customers are buying autumn dress, small jacket, thin sweater, playing skirt and other clothing. "This year's autumn season delayed for nearly a month, thanks to the days of the weather turned cool." A foreign trade clothing store in Dongmen street, has been on autumn’s clothing for more than two months, but hardly has been selling. The owner told reporters that in September last year, autumn should be the sales champion, and then no more than Nov., but this year it is very hot, during which there are people to buy short-sleeved skirt, so she does not know whether should she purchase the new goods or not.

Shenzhen people usually buy seasonal clothing when the season is coming which forces businesses to change marketing strategy. Shopping malls, high-end clothing brand sales, generally haven’t been affected by the weather and fast fashion brand, cheap clothing had to "rely on the day to eat," this year only a small number of times on the goods, to take a short flat sales.

  In the clothing business view, this year's weather is not in common. Clothing sales rhythm makes people very difficult to understand, the rhythm of the goods also encountered challenges. "Summer business this year is the most difficult, hot-selling time is not the season, the rhythm of the season in the past were all disrupted."

  A number of industry insiders, in March, the temperature is a bit hot. In previous years at this time is selling the new spring or old autumn and winter clothing, but the first to start the summer of the summer usher in a small peak sales. Summer after a comprehensive listing of the temperature is not high, "cool summer", rainy summer has not ushered in the summer sales of the outbreak of the point, the business has been tepid, businesses can only be in the days of the first days of the autumn section. Wait until the fall of the comprehensive listing in September, Wuhan, the weather began to heat up, many brands in accordance with the practice in Nov., but the what selling best is really summer’s outfit, out of the discount also makes the customer more willing to pay the moeny.

  Random changes of the weather makes retailing clothing owner a unpleasant day. In order to avoid the adverse effects of the weather, some owners turned into Taobao and ushered in a new business opportunities. The business of "Taobao and WeChat shop this year developed quickly. " Monopoly foreign trade boutique clothing and small shop in the street, they began to increase the WeChat and Taobao shop business to deal with the local regular customers; they often wear their own suits and upload the pictures to WeChat, Taobao shop is to do the volume of the explosive and discount handling of goods to attract foreign customers.

   Reporters had interviewed a number of women who are in charge of shopping malls, the other said that clothing business affected by the weather too much, the new brand is difficult to grasp the time on time, with the headquarters of the scheduled style are being sold on discount due to unstable weather.

  Wuhan clothing Chamber of Commerce people suggested that businesses can use WeChat, microblogging and other platforms, launched a variety of services, to guide consumption and simply follow the weather sales, it will inevitably look very passive.

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